How do I refund my license?

In the unfortunate event that your licensed product isn't the best fit for your business (bummer!), you can get your money back by requesting a refund within your AppSumo account

To refund a product license:

  1. Head to the "Products" page of your AppSumo account
  2. Use the "Actions" dropdown menu to the right of your product to select "Refund"
  3. There, you'll see the refund instructions and "Initiate Refund" button
  4. Click the “Confirm & Initiate Refund” button, sit back, and relax!  FYI:  Once you submit the request, the money leaves our account and the license is deactivated. Refunds are final and cannot be reversed, so be sure to only refund a purchase if you’re certain it’s not a good fit (to avoid losing any features!)

Confirm your refund has been processed by using the "Filter" dropdown menu on the "Products" page of your AppSumo account to select "Refunded."