What is Marketplace?

The AppSumo Marketplace is the entrepreneur’s platform for buying and selling digital products. 

Marketplace listings are created by your fellow Sumo-lings. Like our Select partners you’ve come to know and love, Marketplace sellers are thrilled to get invaluable feedback they receive from eager, engaged, and enthusiastic Sumo-lings like you—and in exchange, you get early access to up and coming tools!

It’s Sumo-lings helping Sumo-lings! Check out the Marketplace here. If you have a product, you can sell your product on Marketplace.

Types of products in the Marketplace

While you primarily see SaaS (Software as a Service) products featured with our Select deals, Marketplace showcases new product formats that can help Sumo-lings grow their businesses like:

  • PDFs
  • eBooks
  • Templates
  • Online courses
  • Online memberships
  • Chrome extensions
  • WordPress plugins
  • Conference tickets
  • … with more to come!

 If you can dream it, chances are a Sumo-ling has listed it in Marketplace!

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We’d love to make your dreams come true, so please leave us a recommendation by completing our Deal Request Form!

Stacking in Marketplace

Many products listed in the Marketplace are in their early stages (remember when Netflix mailed DVDs?), so stacking is currently available at the discretion of each seller. 

For many listings, this means you’ll see a note in the Deal Terms letting you know if stacking is available.

When Marketplace listings allow for stacking, you’ll usually find the details either in the Deal Features, just like with the Select deals you’ve come to know and love. Occasionally, stacking details may be found in the Pinned Comments (below the pricing table) for some of our original listings.

If you still have questions about what’s available after reading the Marketplace product listing, use the Questions feature on the listing page to ask the creator(s) directly!

Marketplace Refund Policy

We know not every tool can be a great fit for every business. That’s why many Marketplace listings have the same industry-best refund policy as our Select deals (we've got your back)!

Some listings, such as digital downloads, cannot be returned or refunded. You can check the Deal Terms section of each Marketplace listing to confirm if the tool is eligible for our money-back guarantee.

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