How do AppSumo referrals work?

Sharing an AppSumo referral link with your network is an easy way to spread the fun and get rewarded with AppSumo credits!

Send your friends a referral link and they'll get a $10 discount toward their first purchase.  For each new user that buys their first product using your referral link, you get $10 in AppSumo credits!

Which link do you send?

There are 2 types of referral links you can share with your network:

  1. The referral URL found in the "Rewards" tile of your AppSumo account or the "Get $10" button in the navigation bar — this will direct your network to the AppSumo homepage.  Think of this as your general referral link to introduce your network to AppSumo!
  2. The referral URL that you see right after you purchase a product (on the order confirmation page) — this will direct your network to that product.  Think of this as a product-specific referral link to share your new favorite tool with your network!

If you missed your referral link for a specific product, you can find it again within your AppSumo account!

  1. Head to the "Products" page of your AppSumo account
  2. Find the product you'd like to share
  3. Using the "Actions" dropdown to the right of the product, select "Refer a friend" for that product
  4. There, you can find your referral link to share the product with your network, your friends, your grandma, anyone who could benefit from that amazing tool!

You can send your referral links a few ways:  copy and paste, sending an email directly, and even using Twitter, Facebook, and the Facebook Messenger app.

Thanks for sharing the AppSumo magic with your network!  🙂