How to style a high-performing listing

Your listing's visuals matter - creating a successful listing begins here!

Hi there fellow partners! Our teams have been working vigorously behind the scenes to make sure you have the functionality to make your product pages look as appetizing as possible to Sumo-lings.

This article is here to walk you through each section of the product submission flow and highlight the new editing options you can utilize for your listing. Now you can add even finer details like rich text, hyperlinks, sections with images, and even a linked and thumb-nailed YouTube video to your product page!

Section 1: Product Basics

Your support email, CTA pitch, images and website link


  • This top section should be a teaser that captures a Sumo-ling’s interest. Right away, it should identify a problem: the biggest pain point your users face. What annoying issue keeps coming up for them?
  • The solution: name your product and introduce the way it helps solve that pain point. From that point forward, describe what the product does.

Image Tips:

  • We allow up to 5 product images to be added into the listing, so ensure you add 5 product images to your listing. Provide high-resolution screenshots of your product in action. Screenshots provide visual context to our customers on how your product works.
  • On the header/hero image, provide strong contrast between your logo and your background color. Your logo should be clearly visible and accessible on your cover image. Don’t place your logo too high, or too low, or let it be obscured.
  • Images with lower resolutions may look degraded and negatively impact your sales. (And no one wants that.) We require the image submitted to be no larger than 5 MB in size. We highly recommend using lossless compression if you need to reduce file size. We only accept JPG and PNG image formats. We do not accept WebP, JPG2000, TIFF, BMP, RAW, or PDF.

Section 2: Categories

Choosing the right categories for your product. Learn more here

Section 3: Details

Linking a YouTube video and best practices on adding sections of rich text

YouTube Video:

  • You can now add a video to your listing at the top of the page, so take advantage of this feature! Link a demo, teaser, or intro video from YouTube to demonstrate your product or entice customers into purchasing it.

New Page Layout Tips:

  • Try to correlate the copy sections with the product images that are embedded in the listing — lead with an image and caption, then go into detail via the copy about that feature. Begin with the strongest, most important, or most appealing features of the product, and work your way down in descending order until the end. Hit the highlights.
  • The last section should be a conclusion that circles back to the into and includes a clear call-to-action. Restate how your product solves the pain point clearly and succinctly. End with a strong call-to-action that will have readers itching to purchase your product, e.g., “Accelerate your project management today!

From a stylistic standpoint:

  • Bold the text to accentuate key points. Don’t over-do it but don’t “under-do” it either. Bolding is a great way to draw the customer’s eye to certain statements!
  • Write everything out in complete sentences (No bullet points)
  • When discussing your product, hyperlink your website to the product name so Sumo-lings can quickly navigate to your website for additional insight on the offer
  • Don’t worry about mentioning every single specification—that’s what the product terms and key features are for. Avoid stats that cannot be proven like using words such as “guarantee” or “best.” 

Eager to get started? Take your listing to the next level by adding a new draft in the Partner Portal to explore the new variations.