Using Tools in Briefcase

I’m a new Briefcase member. How do I get access to the Briefcase tools?

Once you login to the Briefcase platform, you’ll be able to see all the tools available for you to activate and redeem. When you find a tool you want to try out, first click the ‘Activate’ button to generate a unique code for you. Then follow the redemption instructions provided to redeem your product on the partner site. We recommend to both activate AND redeem all the tools you’d like to use for your business when you first join Briefcase to ensure you have access to them for the duration of your Briefcase membership.

How do I know these tools are good?

Every tool in Briefcase has been vetted by AppSumo (the team behind Briefcase). For the past 7 years, AppSumo has been the leader in finding the best up-and-coming software tools to help you grow your business. We were in on the ground floor of Evernote, Dropbox, and MailChimp!

Why shouldn’t I just buy these tools on my own?

You’re more than welcome to! However, we care about you (and your wallet) and that might get expensive. Most of the tools individually cost at least $50/month when purchased directly through our partners, so the smartest move is to get access to the entire selection of Briefcase tools with a single membership for only $49/month (billed at $147 quarterly). 

I’m not sure that I’ll use this [accounting, marketing, design, etc] software tool. Should I still activate and redeem it anyway?

Licenses are limited for each tool, so if you think your business could benefit from a tool in the future and don’t want to risk losing access, make sure you both ‘activate’ and ‘redeem’ it. You can access the tools you’ve activated and redeemed for the entirety of your Briefcase membership.

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