Cancel my Briefcase account

The Briefcase platform will be closing on April 8, 2022; all Briefcase memberships are set to cancel on that date. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Briefcase Support team at

If I canceled Briefcase, do I still have access to the tools I activated?

Cancellation of your Briefcase subscription results in cancellation of your access to the tools you’ve activated and redeemed through your Briefcase membership.  You’ll still have a login for each product you’ve activated, but you’ll need to subscribe to each tool individually through our partners’ sites to regain access to the products.  Remember, if you purchased any tools through the AppSumo store using your Briefcase coupons, those codes are yours to keep!

If your Briefcase subscription is ending with the platform (closing in April 2022), you will continue to have access to those products that support Briefcase plans.