How do I track my sales and refunds?

When you're logged in to AppSumo, you can visit your sales dashboard here by navigating from the Partner Portal > Sales & Analytics. From the dashboard, you can monitor daily sales and refunds. 

The drop down menu on the top right will display all months that the listing has accrued sales. You can toggle between them here to view number of sales, the date, refunds, etc. There are also downloadable CSV files to reconcile between refunded codes and redeemed codes!

The CSV file for refunded codes now includes "Refund Reasons" that can provide valuable feedback on low hanging fruit to fix and reduce refund rates.

Refunded Codes: Please ensure you are revoking access on a weekly basis on all refunded codes. This prevents users from getting free access to your tool and can also help keep your refund rates low!

Please note: Partner dashboard numbers reset at 12:00 AM UTC (6 PM CT).