AppSumo Plus FAQ

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is our rewards membership program that offers perks like 10% off AppSumo deal purchases, access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro, and exclusive early and extended access to select featured deals. 

How does the 10% AppSumo Plus discount work?

When making a purchase with your AppSumo Plus membership, your 10% discount will be automatically applied to your cart. The checkout process will be the same as always and you'll see your 10% discount reflected in the total.

What is the refund policy for my AppSumo Plus membership?

Your purchase of AppSumo Plus is not refundable after rewards have been used. Because this membership is billed annually, you can cancel any time and will not be charged for the following year. Cancellations requested after you have purchased any deals using the membership discount will not result in partial refunds.

What does "some restrictions apply" really mean?

Occasionally, AppSumo offers physical products like conference tickets, books, or other items that can only be purchased with cash or cash-like equivalents, so credits and discounts cannot be applied. For the majority of products offered on AppSumo (the standard deal offers you know and love), however, AppSumo Plus members will not be affected and your 10% discount will still be applied.

How can I update the card associated with my AppSumo Plus subscription?

When exploring your AppSumo account, you'll see a "Plus Subscription" tile where you can review your AppSumo Plus subscription details and update the payment method used to renew if needed!

How do I cancel my AppSumo Plus subscription?

So we're having "the talk," huh?  We'll try not to take it personally, but we've gotta say, it hurts.  To make this easy, you'll find a "Plus Subscription" tile in your AppSumo account where you can manage your subscription.  This includes changing your payment method (are you one for second chances?) and canceling your AppSumo Plus membership subscription all at the click of a button.

I’m an affiliate, can I join AppSumo Plus?

Absolutely! We’d love to have you :) 

How can I join AppSumo Plus?

Excellent question! Join the AppSumo Plus fun here:

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