Merge my accounts

Is AppSumo the site so nice, you signed up twice? We totally understand. We all have more than one email address, so we get it if you signed up for more than one AppSumo account. 

We’re sorry for any trouble this may cause, but unfortunately, our system doesn't support the merging of AppSumo accounts at this time (this includes any data transfer between accounts).

In order to prevent you from logging into the wrong account in the future, we recommend you save any product information (codes, instructions, expirations, etc.) from the AppSumo account you no longer want to access on an external hard drive or in the Cloud, and then contact us about deleting that account. Moving forward, this will help keep all of your AppSumo information in one place.

Heads up:  Once an AppSumo account is deleted, the email address previously associated with that account can be used to register (or added to) a new AppSumo account.