You've probably heard the term "freebie" thrown around our website a lot. Maybe you saw it in a product description, read it in the comments, or a member of the AppSumo staff mentioned it, but you've no idea what anyone is talking about. If we just described you, we're happy to clear things up.  :)

A freebie is an awesome offer and not just because it's a FREE product!

Sometimes we come across a gem so secret, and yet so great, that we work our AppSumo magic to bring it to Sumo-lings without you spending a penny (or your equivalent, smallest form of currency)!

If the tool ends up not being a great fit for you, since you didn't actually purchase your freebie, there's no need to refund it!  We suggest you gift any freebie(s) you don't plan on using to someone in your network to share the AppSumo love (and tacos).

Though freebies are exactly that, free, they still have an expiration date like all of our other deals.  If you don't grab a freebie before it expires or redeem your free code before its expiration date, unfortunately, it's gone for good. 

So if you see "freebie" in a product's description, go ahead and grab it before it runs out. You've got nothing to lose!