AppSumo credits

AppSumo credits are a currency that can only be used on AppSumo.  Your AppSumo credit balance can be applied toward the majority of purchases from AppSumo.  Occasionally, AppSumo offers physical products like conference tickets, books, or other items that can only be purchased with cash or cash-like equivalents, so credits (and discounts) cannot be applied.

The AppSumo credits exchange rate is 1 ASC = 1 USD, so there's no confusion with purchasing products.  Additionally, AppSumo credits are like honey, sugar, and maple syrup:  they never expire (and they're pretty sweet)! 🙂

You can review your AppSumo credit balance easily from within your Account overviewTo do so:

  1. Head to your AppSumo account
  2. In the "Credits" tile, you'll see a preview of your AppSumo credit balance (in green text)
  3. Click on the "Credits" tile (or bookmark this direct link: and your credits will also be displayed here!

You'll be presented with the option to apply your credit balance to your purchase at checkout (when AppSumo credits are an accepted payment method).  If your credits are automatically applied to your purchase and you're not *quite* ready to part with them, you can click the blue “Remove applied credits” link from the "Select a payment method" section at checkout and select or enter the details for your preferred payment method.

While you can use Appsumo credits towards your purchases from AppSumo, they are not redeemable for cash value.