Why wasn't my product submission accepted?

Don't fret, we're here to help!

Unfortunately, it may not be everyone's time just yet, so don't feel discouraged if your product's submission isn't accepted to join our community. Here are some guidelines & best practices for creating a killer submission that we can get in front of our customers.

AppSumo is focused on showcasing original, high-quality products that are aimed at serving entrepreneurs and businesses in the digital space. All the tools we launch and promote across our store need to be both a great fit for our customer audience and present a uniquely strong value proposition to these Sumo-lings.

Here are some other helpful tips and guidelines we advise all our potential partners follow in order to increase their chances of having their product's submission accepted to launch in our community:

  • Submit your product as a lifetime deal (LTD) if possible
  • Price your entry level tier at or below the $49 mark. Critical to gaining traction on AppSumo is not breaking Sumo-lings' bank. 
    • You can always set up code stacking to let customers spend more & upgrade to higher plan levels, so don't sweat starting low
  • Ensure your AppSumo sale price is lower than the price of your product anywhere else it’s available (including your own website)
    • AppSumo is legendary for its deals, discounts, and promotions. Your product needs to be a truly great offer. 
  • Freebie ($0) product submissions on AppSumo are only allowed if they directly correlate to a product that is normally a paid plan elsewhere (ie. you can’t list an already-free product as an AppSumo freebie)
  • Link your website in the product submission flow
  • Share your roadmap, documentation, demo video, and any other resources in your submission or ensure that they're on your website
  • Establish a unique value proposition or clear differentiator in your product that separates it from others in your niche
  • Any unmodified scripts, unfinished products (ie. Lorem ipsum content), affiliate products, dropshipping, hosting, physical products, or white-label products will not be accepted

In terms of your product's fit for the marketplace, we look to launch products that offer solutions for the following types of customers:

  • Small businesses, remote teams, virtual assistants
  • Developers, product designers, product managers, IT/security agencies, web designers, web design agencies
  • eCommerce, sales managers, marketers, marketing agencies, accountants, crypto-curious
  • Entrepreneur-curious, solo-preneurs, consultants, C-suite
  • Customer support, QA, recruiters
  • Course creators, educators, online entrepreneurial coaches
  • Authors, bloggers, content creators, copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, podcasters, videographers, visual artists
  • Influencers, social media managers, YouTubers, event organizers, nonprofits