How is the list price calculated?

Great question! We show the strikethrough price so you know exactly how much you’re saving with our lifetime deals.

On AppSumo, strikethrough prices are calculated by taking the monthly cost of the partner's existing plan for an entire year (monthly price x 12), plus any additional features included in their lifetime deal. It’s pretty normal for us to negotiate not only a better price but also better deal terms.

So for example, say the lifetime deal price is $49, but the strikethrough price is $1,188. That means the corresponding plan on the partner’s site is $1,188/12 = $99/mo. And that plan often has fewer features than the $49 lifetime deal on our site.

The amount you save can vary depending on the partner's tier structure, so the strikethrough price can be very different from partner to partner.

But ultimately, the decision is yours: Lifetime deal or another monthly subscription?