Black Friday 2023 - Partner Participation

Great news! We've made it easier than ever for you to participate in one of our biggest AppSumo sales events - Black Friday 2023! 

Black Friday is an incredible annual sales event that brings a large volume of new and existing customers to the site in search of killer deals on awesome tools. Participation in Black Friday 2023 opts your products into a 10%-off sales price for the duration of the sale, from November 19, 2023 (4 pm CT) – November 28, 2023 (noon CT).

Starting November 1st, 2023, at 12 PM CST, you'll be able to go to your Partner Portal to toggle on/off your participation in Black Friday 2023.

Please note: Your listings are automatically opted-in starting November 1st, 2023. You have the ability to opt out of participating in this sales event until November 19th, 2023.

To change your participation status in Black Friday 2023, simply locate the toggle (pictured below) inside of your Partner Portal.

If you have any questions about Black Friday 2023, or encounter any issues with your enrollment, please contact our Partner Support team at