Our application vetting process

AppSumo is committed to ensuring we take a thorough look at every product we launch for sale to our Sumo-lings. This means working with all listing partners to take a deeper look at their product, and making a holistic determination as to it's fit for our store.

This article is designed to help provide you a little more information on what we're looking for, and how we can work together to arrive at an application acceptance as soon as we can.

Where it starts: collection of test accounts

Within the Partner Portal's listing process, we request access to your tool, product or platform - we require this information from partners before we can review your application.

Where we collect test account deets!

Common testing FAQs:

Why do we require this access to your tool?

We request access to your product so that we can check it out, and take a deeper look at it's functionality, fit for market, and overall specs.

Please note: We'll require access to functioning test accounts to demo your product for the duration of your application process until your launch day 💪.

Why should I share such secure information with AppSumo?

Fear not! These test account credentials are only shared with our Marketplace Quality Assurance team, and these accounts only need to remain active + accessible until such time that we've decided upon your application's status 💪.

What is a product demo or output URL?

This is where we can see your tool in action, and see the "output" your product's core functionalities can generate. For example, this could be a scheduling link if you're a calendar solution or a landing page if you're a landing page builder, etc. If you have any questions about this or how it applies in your case, please write to us at partners@appsumo.com.

Why haven't I heard back from you about my listing application?

First things first, you may have missed an email from us at partners@appsumo.com requesting clarification about the test account credentials you provided. In that case, definitely search your inbox for that correspondence. Alternatively, you can login to your Partner Portal and view your current listing application's status and pending action items there (See Below).

This could appear as below, and require you to resubmit your listing application with any new details. As always, feel free to write to us at partners@appsumo.com if you have any questions or confusion about what we're looking for!

Where you can view updates re. your application