Reviews and Questions Moderation

We're all about making sure the reviews you read come straight from real people who have actually used our deals and purchased them from our site. You'll be able to tell who these users are based on the Verified Purchaser badge that will appear on their contribution (see example below).

To ensure all feedback is authentic, we deploy a team of eagle-eyed humans along with some tech magic to catch fake/inauthentic reviews before they hit the site. We also work with our Sumo-lings to make sure we're responsive to anything concerning.

On top of ensuring our reviews come from genuine users, we vet all reviews based on our Community Guidelines and take action against any violations before they hit our deal pages. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech or harassment of any kind - we're committed to ensuring that Reviews are friendly exchanges of genuine and helpful feedback.

Our Community Guidelines spell out the key guidelines for what's acceptable in a review, but here are some highlights of things that might result in a review being denied:

❌ Don't leave a review that solely dwells on your support experience: Partners are at their busiest around launch time, and often have small or nonexistent support teams. To prevent Reviews from becoming another support forum for partners, please be patient and contact them via their support inbox.

❌ Review the product, not the structure of the offer: Leave the negotiating to us, and feel free to send feedback our way about whether the limits and offer meet your needs. With that said, Reviews that dwell largely on the quality of the deal vs. the product itself will be denied.

❌ Don't review without giving the product an honest try: We may deny Reviews from users who acknowledge that they didn't even try to use the product in question.

❌ Don't offer unconstructive feedback: Partners rely heavily your thoughtful feedback in Reviews - we may deny comments that are too curt or unsubstantiated.