How can I manage my AppSumo Plus subscription?

How can I update my payment method for AppSumo Plus?

In your AppSumo account, you'll see a "Plus membership" tile where you can review your AppSumo Plus subscription details (membership status, price, renewal card, renewal date) and update the payment method for renewal if needed.

Once you’re in the " Plus membership" tile, just:

  1. Click the yellow “Update Payment Method” button
  2. Enter the details of the debit/credit card to be charged at renewal, and
  3. Save

Ta-da! Now, on the membership renewal date listed, this payment method will be charged the annual subscription price.

Note:  Once payment has been made, the payment method cannot be changed. If your AppSumo Plus membership was purchased with the “wrong” payment method, just reach out to our Support team at, they’re here to help!

How do I cancel my AppSumo Plus subscription?

So we're having "the talk," huh? We'll try not to take it personally, but we've gotta say, it hurts.

To make this easy, head to the "Plus membership" tile in your AppSumo account where you can manage your subscription.  This includes changing your payment method (are you one for second chances?) and canceling your AppSumo Plus membership subscription all at the click of a button.