How do I set up my redemption flow?

You will need a redemption landing page and unique codes that can be purchased by Sumo-lings, our customers. Your page should have:

  • Approved AppSumo branding
  • The name/branding for your product
  • Fields for customer names, emails, and passwords
  • NO mention of credit card info or phone number collection
  • A field to apply your "AppSumo Code"
  • CTA to Create Account / Enroll / Sign up

Here’s how it works: Once we’ve tested your flow and we know it works, a Sumo-ling will purchase one or multiple codes for your deal and then they’ll checkout on Once they’ve completed the purchase, we send them unique redemption instructions. These will help them to land on your redemption page and redeem the code(s) they bought, which creates their account and gives them access to your product offer.  

Great Example #1

Great Example #2

Check out these slides for more details: Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up your Redemption Flow

Note: If you are a Select partner, you'll hear from your Launch Ops team soon about next steps for establishing your redemption flow.