My deal is live! Now what?

It’s time to promote your offer! As a partner-driven marketplace, you and your team will be responsible for all the marketing and traffic to your deal. AppSumo will help out products with high reviews by offering some additional exposure like a shoutout in our official email newsletters. Reach out to our Partner Support team for more information!

  • Email: We recommend creating an email sequence that will periodically remind your unique audience about your product and ask for reviews of it
  • Social: Utilize social media to shout-out your deal
  • Affiliates: Team up with friends or other entrepreneurs in your space so they can help promote your campaign

Please check out our free Partner Success Guide for insider knowledge on how to market your listing like a pro!

Be sure to keep an eye on your product page engagement! Responding to all reviews and questions shows that you care about your customers, and we know you do! A quick response to a Sumo-ling’s question can help clear up any doubts before they purchase your product.