How do I ask for reviews once my product goes live?

Asking for reviews is only half the battle. Here’s a few innovative ways to ask for a review:

  • Ask Sumo-lings' for feedback right on your product page within the text of your pinned post. 
  • Sending welcome emails
  • After resolving a support issue with the Sumo-ling
  • Email directly- ask your Partner Success Manager for templates!
  • Through social media: on Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Twitter

It is important to note that incentivizing for reviews goes against our Terms and Conditions. We always want to make sure that reviews are written by honest customers without an agenda.

Since you should be capturing Sumo-lings' email address in your redemption flow, this will allow you to create an email sequence that you can use to periodically remind your new customer how grateful you are to those who write an honest review.

Pro tip: One of the best times to ask a customer for a review is right after you deliver outstanding support. Kill em’ with kindness.

Additional info around reviews:

  1. Read the Partner Community Guidelines so you are aware of the rules you must follow when engaging on your product page
  2. Read the Sumo-ling Community Guidelines so you aware of the rules that our customers must follow
    1. If a customer posts anything against our community guidelines, please send the review or question to so we can handle it for you!

If a bad review was given, but the customer’s issues were resolved, you can send your customer this Taco Review Change link so they can update their review