How and when will I be paid?

When listing your product, you get to choose your own listing price. Sell your product at the original price or at a discount—it’s your call. 

How do I get paid?

  • We use a global payment processing system called Tipalti to send payments quickly and securely around the world.
  • You can choose from several payment methods including ACH, e-Check, wire transfer*, and PayPal*. We do not send paper checks.
  • In most cases, you can also choose your preferred payment currency.**

When are payouts?

  • We will start sending payments on a Net 60-day basis from the end of the month (due to our 60-day refund policy). Payments will be sent out the first week of the month 60-days after the end of the respective month's sales, minus refunds.
  • Scenario: You make a sale on December 14th, 2020. You will receive a payout for the sales (excluding refunds) generated in December 2020, the first week of March 2021.
What about taxes?
  • We are not authorized to provide tax advice. Please contact a tax consultant or the IRS for more information about the potential tax implications of partnering with us.
  • A complete and signed US tax form is required to remit payment.
  • We never withhold taxes from partner payments.

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*Transaction fees may apply
**FX fees may apply