Partner Revenue Share

We believe in creating sustainable partnerships with our partners — that’s why we have no listing fees or limits on our platform. List as many paid products as you like and we only take commissions on sales you make.

Our goal is to reward partners for creating amazing products and bringing new buyers to our platform. That’s why  we are implementing a more favorable revenue share model that will put more money in your pocket! Yes, really.

Partner Revenue Share Overview:

  • You’ll continue to receive your standard 70% revenue share on any returning AppSumo customer that purchases your product
  • For any NEW AppSumo buyer, you’ll now receive 95% revenue share

*A new AppSumo buyer is someone that has never had an invoice on AppSumo (this includes free products)

Note: Refunds we issue are deducted from sales totals. You can read more about AppSumo’s Refund policy here.


Partners can track all sales in their Dashboard. When you are logged in to AppSumo, you can visit your sales dashboard here. This is where you’ll be able to monitor daily sales and refunds. Partner dashboard numbers reset at midnight UTC (6 pm CST).

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