Refund Policy

We have an industry-best, no-questions-asked, 60-day refund policy.

That means you can process a refund for a product you purchased through us for any reason within 60 days and you'll be refunded in full. Not partially. Not with a fee. The whole enchilada (or taco).

Unfortunately, once the 60-day refund window has passed, you will not be able to process a refund within your account and we will not be able to process refund requests.  :(

All product/deal purchases are protected under this policy, however, please note that our rewards membership, AppSumo Plus, is not refundable after rewards have been used. Because this membership is billed annually, you can cancel any time and will not be charged for the following year. Cancellations requested after you have purchased any deals using the membership discount will not result in partial refunds.

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