What is Stacking?

So you’re a big spender, huh?  We like that about you.

Here’s what you need to know about stacking codes:

“Stack/stacking/stackable” means you can buy multiple codes for the same product to unlock either a higher tiered plan or more features for the plan offered. (Note: Not all deals are stackable; we'll be sure to specify when a deal is stackable.)

You can stack when you first purchase a deal by buying more than 1 code.  You can also start with 1 code, take it for a test drive, and then stack more codes later if you find you want to unlock additional features (before it sells out). 

If you stack multiple codes for 1 product, you will see multiples of that product on the " Products" page of your AppSumo account.  You will receive 1 unique code to redeem per code purchased.

The number of codes you purchase = the number of product listings/codes you’ll have in your account.

To redeem these codes, select "Redemption instructions" from the "Actions" dropdown menu on the " Products" page of your AppSumo account.  There, you will be provided with your code, redemption link, and redemption instructions.

Keep in mind: We have quantity limits on all orders for security reasons, so if you're stacking loads of codes, you may need to purchase them in separate transactions (e.g., to bypass the 9-code limit at checkout, first buy 9, then any additional codes in another transaction, etc.).

Stacking Availability

Many products listed on AppSumo are in their early stages (remember when Netflix mailed DVDs?), so stacking is currently available at the discretion of each partner. 

For many listings, this means you’ll see a note in the Deal Terms letting you know if stacking is available.

When listings allow for stacking, you’ll usually find the details in the Deal Features, just like with the Select deals you’ve come to know and love. Occasionally, stacking details may be found in the From the Founders post (below the pricing table) for some of our original listings.

If you still have questions about what’s available after reading the product listing, use the Questions feature on the listing page to ask the creator(s) directly!