Product Reviews and Questions

We welcome Sumo-lings to ask product-specific questions on that deal's page. There, the creators can answer all of your need-to-knows about the use of their tool.

After you've taken it for a test drive, please share what you think about a product by reviewing it at the taco party!

Taco party? Yes, we review in tacos. So come in, make yourself at home, have an ice-cold lemonade, and mingle with your fellow Sumo-lings. 

Here are the house rules:

1. Be cool*
2. Don’t not be cool

That’s it!

*How to be cool? Follow the AppSumo Community Guidelines:


  • Add value—leave reviews with detailed use cases and constructive feedback. 
  • Be honest! Reviews do not need to be positive. All feedback is welcome and encouraged, we just ask that it is truthful and based on real experiences.
  • Use the "Helpful" upvote function (vs. commenting “+1”) on your fellow Sumo-lings' comments to bring the most relevant posts to the top.
  • Use the product before you write a review. Reviews cannot be edited, so we ask that you buy and test a product before you give feedback. Changed your mind after a review? You can add a comment to your existing review if you have an updated opinion.
  • Ask questions! The best questions are specific and helpful to the community. Questions about specific feature functionality, use cases, upgrades, roadmap, etc. are all welcome and encouraged in the "Questions" tab of our "Reviews & Questions" section on deal pages.
  • Show us how you’re using the tools! Feel free to share your site, videos, or content if they showcase the product in use (No affiliate links, please).
  • Let us know if you encounter bugs or a lack of functionality. We love making things better for you!
  • Use the page search feature (CTRL/CMD + F) to find a topic in the comments section before you post so we can keep it clean and classy. Chances are, your question has already been answered.


  • Do not harass other Sumo-lings or partners. Racism, sexism, homophobia, tacophobia (it’s a thing, look it up), and other forms of hatred will not be tolerated.
  • Do not be disrespectful. Our partners have worked hard on their product-baby and they spend a lot of time engaging with Sumo-lings to answer your questions. We show our thanks by being respectful towards the community, so please be honest, but don't be rude.
  • Do not hold your tacos “hostage.” In other words, do not ask our partners to meet conditions in exchange for a better review. We spend months negotiating deals and do everything we can to make each deal beneficial for our users and partners. If you don’t like the deal terms as they are, then that deal may not be for you.
  • Do not leave a negative review for an easily-remedied issue (i.e. needing a new code). If the problem you’re having is AppSumo-specific, shoot us an email at and we’ll take care of you. If you have an issue with the product, please reach out to the partner's support team. Note: During launches, partners get flooded with questions and comments, so we ask that you are patient with them!
  • Do not use our platform to spam or shamelessly self-promote your content. We think your Instagram is worth the hype, but this isn’t the right place to ask for followers.
  • This one should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: Please do not impersonate AppSumo staff or partners when commenting. Be yourself; we love you just the way you are.

These rules are near and dear to our hearts, so as a beloved Sumo-ling, please be sure to follow them. We reserve the right to moderate comments (so be patient, please) and ban users who commit #partyfouls to keep the AppSumo community a fun place.

Thanks for making our community what it is.  Party on and happy posting!  :)

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