How do I create a "From the founders" post?

What is a From the founders post?

A From the founders post is the best way to introduce yourself and for Sumo-lings to get to know the creators behind the deal. Additionally, it’s a way for you to highlight some of the key features of the deal and answer some of the common FAQs that you may get. 

Sumo-lings are super fond of being early adopters and brand ambassadors for your product - this is your best chance to share more about your product's roadmap and get them excited about your listing. 

Why should I have a From the founders post?

A From the founders post is often the determinative factor in helping convince a Sumo-ling to make a purchase! It can also address a lot of the upfront concerns and questions they may have about what you're offering. Trust us: it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.

Here are some examples of products with killer From the founders posts: 

Example 1

Example 2

How do I create my From the founders post?

  1. Type out your intro following the template we've attached below or write something totally custom. Note: If there are specific product features that are not included (i.e. access to a FB group membership) please mention that in your post! 
  2. Navigate to your listing under Partner Portal > Listings > From the founders to add a new post or Helpful Links. 
  3. Submit the new post and await our team's approval - then your beautiful changes will go live to your product page! 

Follow these simple steps in your Partner Portal's Listing view

From the founders Template:

Hey, awesome Sumo-ling community! 

This is [Your Name] with [Product Name]!  

[Tell us a little bit about yourself: When you started your business and why, other fun tidbits you’d like to share!] 

[A little bit about what they can expect from the deal] 

[Your top FAQs, we like to showcase 3 or so of the most commonly asked questions, or even ones you anticipate!]: 

You can reach me at [support email]

Cheers!  [Your Name]