Updating your offer after launch

You've launched - wohoo!🥳

Now that you're live, if you want to submit a request to update your offer (whether that be your features, price, or both) - here's the important ground-rules to know:

  • You can only request an update to your offer after thirty (30) days on our store (unless it's only a request to add/increase Deal Features). 
  • After an update to your offer, you may only request another update every thirty (30) days thereafter (unless it's only a request to add/increase Deal Features). 
  • Updates to your offer are subject to AppSumo's approval per our Partner Listing & Updates Policy and are not guaranteed to take effect.
  • We won't approve price increase or deal downgrade requests for partners who are struggling to generate sales. 
    • If your listing is tracking at less than one (1) sale/day for the preceding thirty (30) day period, we'll be unable to increase your price or decrease your features. 

Feel free to reach out to our Partner Support team at partners@appsumo.com should you have any questions about the process required to update your offer or the criteria by which we assess these requests.