Contacting Partners

AppSumo is an inclusive, supportive, and unique community made up of creative entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a Sumo-ling purchasing tools to grow your business, or an AppSumo Partner selling your product on the marketplace, we are in this together!

We strive to feature Partners with lasting product power and dedication to our Sumo-ling. Our Partners come to AppSumo from all over the world and work hard to service our mutual customers during and after their launch. Please note that due to the small (but mighty!) nature of start up entrepreneurship, in some cases, it may take our Partners a few days to read and respond to all requests. Rest assured, we have recently implemented a clause in our contracts that ensures support is provided to you for all of your AppSumo purchases for the lifetime of the product. Our Partners are looking forward to e-meeting you and assisting you and your business further!

To locate the contact information for each individual Partner, please follow these steps:

  1. Head to the “Products” page of your AppSumo account
  2. Use the “Actions” dropdown menu to the right of your purchase to select “Redemption information”
  3. There, you’ll see a “Need Help?” section which will showcase the support email

For issues with the redemption process and/or the product, contact the Partners directly.

For AppSumo-specific questions, email us at and we will be happy to take it away!

Not sure who to contact? Reach out to the AppSumo Support team and we can get you where you need to go.

P.S. Want expedited AppSumo support? Become an AppSumo Plus membership today to take your business to the next level and chat with our team quicker.