How can I list multiple plan tiers?

Please note: If you're an existing partner, you must write to to request a transition to multiple plan tiers

Listing multiple pricing tiers helps drive sales, and allows you to offer the solutions Sumo-lings are looking for - learn how here

You asked and we delivered! AppSumo now supports partners to list multiple pricing tiers. These pricing tiers appear as individual cards on your Product Detail Page that help serve as a pricing table, clearly spelling out what's included in each plan you have listed on AppSumo. See an example of what we're talking about below: 

To submit a listing application through the Partner Portal that takes advantage of this new capability, just follow the series of steps we've outlined below! 

Step 1: In your listing journey, select "Multiple plans" under "Pricing"

If you're reading this article, you're most likely looking to learn more about guidance on how to list multiple plans, be sure to toggle to select this!

Step 2: Identify your deal term & mode of redemption 

To advance to list out details for each plan, be sure to first select your application's deal term and your mode of redemption. Feel free to learn more about redemption here. 

Step 3: Choose a price point for your base plan (i.e. what one (1) code accesses)

This is a key first step! Be sure to identify a listing price for your base plan. It's important to note that this price is also the price of each code. 

 Step 4: Give your base plan a name, a comparison price, and any plan-specific features, 

Note that your base plan must be equivalent to the price of a single (1) code whose price you identified in Step 3. Also key, is that you must list at lease three (3) plan-specific features to continue. 

Step 5: Add an additional plan & repeat! 

Now you can add up to ten (10) total plans following the same process as above. Conveniently, you can copy features from previous plans. Key to note is that each subsequent plan can only stack linearly on your base offering (i.e. If Plan 1 is $49 | 1 code, Plan 2 must be priced at $98 | 2 codes, and so on).