Understanding your commitment to Sumo-lings

Congratulations - you're an AppSumo partner!  🥳

We're thrilled to have you as a partner of our squad, but some key responsibilities come along with being an AppSumo partner. 🔑

Fear not! We're here to help break-down some key parts of our Partner Terms as they relate to what offering a Lifetime Deal (LTD) really means.

Under our Partner Terms, by offering a Lifetime Deal (LTD) on our store, your team (and any future owners of your tool) are committed to offering continued access to Sumo-lings under their Deal Terms for as long as the tool is solvent.

To avoid any customer confusion around your tool in your team's journey beyond AppSumo, please be sure to always map Sumo-lings purchases to a new plan should your plans ever change.

Important to note here, is that the responsibility to service AppSumo LTD purchasers extends even in the event of an acquisition. The acquiring party must honor and maintain all lifetime licenses, or otherwise reimburse all customers for their purchase.

In the event that your product can no longer support Sumo-lings, AppSumo retains the right to clawback or invoice you for any partner payouts (minus refunds) that we may have paid out so that we can use those assets to help cover any refunds we may extend to customers who've lost access to your tool.

If we receive notice from our customer community that they've lost access to your product, expect us to get in touch! Generally, you can expect the following:

  • Our Partner Operations team will reach out to you to get more information about the service outage.
  • Pending your reply, our Finance & Legal teams will get in touch to provide you with a payable invoice to clawback any funds we paid you during your campaign.
  • Should we not hear from you or receive payment on your outstanding invoice, our team will weigh legal charges to collect these funds.