Maximizing Your AI Review Summary


Our new AI-powered review summary is designed to give Sumo-lings a real-time snapshot of customer feedback on your deal page. It's updated daily, incorporating new reviews, your replies, and any "From the founders" updates you post.

Your Role in Shaping the Summary

To ensure the summary accurately reflects your product and customer interactions, here's what you need to do:

  • Reply to Reviews: Your engagement, especially with critical feedback, is crucial. Be transparent and honest in your responses. This helps the AI understand your product direction and customer service ethos.
  • Add "From the Founders" posts: Regularly post updates, especially after addressing frequent customer requests or releasing new features. This informs the AI of significant changes, ensuring the summary stays relevant.

Wait for the Update

After you've replied to reviews or posted an update, give the system a day to regenerate the summary. If changes are made to From the Founders, reviews, or replies, the regeneration will happen at 2am UTC. This daily refresh cycle is designed to minimize inaccuracies and keep the information current.


We encourage you to use these interactions to directly influence the AI summary. This proactive approach helps maintain an accurate and positive representation of your product, reducing the need for support interventions.


While we're here to assist, we encourage you to first utilize the above strategies to manage your review summary effectively. For further guidance, our support team remains at your disposal.